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SPM English Speaking Test Part 2 – Getting advice

I’d like you to Talk about getting advice when you need help. First, you have some time to think about what you’re going to say. (Allow candidate 20 seconds to prepare.)

You should say:
– Who you normally get advice from
– How important it is to have people who can give advice
– If younger people are better than older people at giving advice (why/why not?)
– Why asking for advice is important

Getting advice

As a teenagers, I often deal with a lot of problems. Personally, I find it more comfortable to talk to my friends rather than my family. My friends understand me better since they go through similar problems. I believe that I receive better advice from them.

Having people who can advise you is very important because they can offer different perspectives based on their different life experiences.

In my view, younger people are better at giving advice because times have changed, and the challenges we face today are different from those ten years ago. Besides that, younger people will always offer fresh ideas to solve our problems.

Seeking advice allows us to share our burdens and problems, preventing us from worrying alone. It also allows me to tap into the knowledge of others and learn from their successes or mistakes. Overall, talking to friends and seeking advice is crucial for teenagers like me to cope with the challenges we encounter.

Who do you normally talk to when you need help?

(Question for candidate b)

I feel the most comfortable talking to my parents when I need help. Their advice is useful because they have more experience than me. They always offering insights and help me to see things clearly. I make better decisions when I get to hear different points of view.

(Sample answer 2)

When I need help, I usually talk to my close friends. They understand me well, and we share similar experiences, making their advice more practical. It’s useful because they offer perspectives I might not have considered on my own. Their insights help me make better decisions and navigate challenges more confidently.

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