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SPM English Speaking Test Part 2 – Your future job

Talk about Your future job

I’d like you to talk about what job you would like to have in future. First, you have some time to think about what you’re going to say. (Allow candidate 20 seconds to prepare.)

  • Each candidate talks about a topic on his/her own.
  • Each candidate answers a question briefly about his/her partner’s topic.

Your future job

Talk about what job you would like to have in future.

You should say:
– What is your ambition?
– Why you choose that ambition?
– What skills you need to have to get your future job?
– If loving your job is more important than the money you earn (why/why not?)

I hope to become a pilot one day. It is because traveling to different countries is my biggest dream. I desire to explore the world as part of my job rather than being a tourist.

While it’s not an easy profession, I thrive on challenges. Effective communication skills are crucial for a pilot since they work closely with a team and need to stay in contact with passengers. Additionally, a pilot also needs to have quick problem-solving skills. There may be emergencies when flying, so pilots have to make sound decisions to ensure everyone’s safety.

In my view, finding fulfillment in my job is more important than just earning more money, although more money would be a nice bonus. I believe that genuine passion for my work will contribute to my enjoyment and success in the field.

What job would you like to do? Why?

(Question for candidate b)

I want to become a musician because I love expressing emotions through music. Music has the power to connect people. Creating melodies that connect with people will brings me joy, and I want to share that experience with others.

(Sample answer 2)

I aspire to become a traveling YouTuber because exploring diverse cultures and landscapes fascinates me, and I want to share those experiences with my audience. Capturing the beauty of different places, trying unique foods, and engaging with locals can create a sense of connection and understanding. Through my videos, I hope to inspire others to explore the world.

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